ThoughtNirvana is a software development shop

We create magic on and off the web

Not a penny more, not a penny less
We build software for your needs, which is often different from what you initially want. We work with you to transform "want" into "need" into "working software".
Honesty and integrity matters
We appreciate you chose to work with us - we work very hard to ensure quality, honesty, transparency and clarity.
Talk is cheap, show me the code
We assure that measurable progress is being delivered to you starting day 1.
The only constant is change
We know and respect this and work with you to let the software evolve.
Straight from the gut
We don't play buzzword bingo.


Web runs on Javascript. React/Angular/Vanilla JS - you have heard of it, we have probably worked with it.


If runtime performance and large teams are the question, Java is still a reasonable answer.


Django is the web framework for perfectionist with a deadline. That is an apt description; both for Django and us.


API development might not need the whole baggage of Rails and Django. Also, Flask and Sinatra are pretty sweet.


We have built all sorts of sites with Rails. It's an absolute pleasure to work with, not to mention it gets the job done fast - really, really fast.


We have designed and deployed systems of all size. CMS, Social network, CRM - been there, done it all.


Web is a big, bad place. We write elegant, secure code and also conduct security audits.


Sometimes a little re-adjustment can do wonders. We can help you rediscover joy of software development.


Need help with legacy systems; or learn about MongoDB, Redis, Clojure? Give us a shout.